Hi, Erlend Bakke here founder of MrOutsource.com. today coming to you from Paris in France.


I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and I’ve managed to figure out a couple particular dates to go so what I did was set a rough idea of what I wanted to do and see while I was here and my VA has actually planned this whole trip for me. She has made a timetable which I’m following, it’s fantastic.
So my question for you is how good are you at leveraging other people’s time and also you should be good at letting go and letting other people do things for you or else you never ever going to grow your business or live the life that you really want to. Trust others to do things for you. You know give them good instructions and then do something crazy like go to Paris on New Year’s Eve.


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OK. It’s actually New Year’s Eve today and I’m looking forward to seeing the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. So, Erlend Bakke here founder of MrOutsource.com signing out from Paris in France.

Happy New Year.