Hi! Erlend Bakke here, founder of MrOutsource.com coming to you from Hollywood, LA. Now the reason why Im here is and what Im going to talk about today is:

For your company, you need a massive big vision. Now what’s a better place to talk about that than in LA where dreams are massive and dreams come true. So before you start working with us, we really need you to think about what your master plan is; you know what’s your overall end result; what’s your goal for your company. That’s important because we can work with you and build systems around how you can accomplish that.

Now for a lot of people, it’s all about freedom. It’s all about being able to travel all over the world and experience places as well as spending time and freedom with, you know, freedom as you like. Now in most cases, business owners don’t have freedom at all. You know there’s stuck to a desk and they actually own a job instead of owning a company and spending time reading, thinking, time with your family, travelling, you know whatever you want to do.


And what you’ll find as you become more and more free from your business is that you are able to add maximum value where you really mattered. You know you are able to spend time on things which really makes a difference in peoples’ lives. And that’s fantastic thing.

So what’s your vision? You know spend 5 minutes or an hour similar to that you know spend as long as you need basically. And I want to sign out here in LA , Hollywood. Erlend Bakke, founder of Mroutsource.com. Bye-bye.