Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of Mroutsource.com. The picture you just saw there is a picture of me getting off a helicopter in Macau China and the I had a business trip to China right after I had my big panic attack on the tube in London.

Actually If you have a major panic attack you know that it is an exact thing feeling as if your dying in that made me think about death a lot and how important it is to do things in life not to always wait on it and before this instant I have a bucket list and one of the things of my bucket list was flying helicopter and I didn’t flied this helicopter but I was a passenger and so we have an option of taking helicopter or getting it boat to Macau which we are going to a party actually and we decided to do an helicopter and I was like I need to do more this kind of things that is why this is the first video of a series of one thousand videos .

This is actually noutsource2umber 0 and It was on this helicopter that I decided to do a thousand things before I die and I created a bucket list and I think at the moment of this recording here I got around twenty five so there’s one way to go and one of the things actually appeared out of nowhere so my list is about I have about fifty things on my bucket list one is to learn flying one is sky dive if you stay tune to this channel you will see me doing more more things as well as run my businesses Mroutsource cause when I teach entrepreneurs is how to run a freedom business through the automation and outsourcing and learning those skills is actually the biggest paradigm shift for any entrepreneur so living from being self employed where you basically trading the time for money to having a team of people and also having system advance to run things for you

So I hope you enjoy this video theres many more if you are looking for inspiration or to have your own bucket list maybe and yeah so ah so do that stuff that you wanted to do now because you never know what you have time to do that if you wait and that was my, that’s the reason why I am doing this bucket list it is actually to encourage you to go and write your own bucket list and start doing the things that you haven’t on the best instead of always waiting to do them so thanks for watching this video so this Erlend Bakke founder of mroutsource.com