Delegate Or Drown

Workation complete!
A customer asked Regina; “What happens when Erlend is away?”
Regina: “It does not really matter because we run the day to day business. He is doing his job when he is away because he always comes back with ideas and thoughts around how we can improve the business and make you more happy.”

The master of making that happen is Richard Branson himself clearly explains that it´s either delegate or drown to make it as an entrepreneur.

Check out the interview with me below to learn how I also use the same philosophy to run my 3 companies.

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Richard Branson – I Educated Myself in the Real World


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The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry by John Warrilow
Awesome book that fits the Never Work Again model perfectly. This book is well written and has lots of great ideas on how you can improve your business or start a business that has good cashflow and repeat business every month. I love the ideas and concepts in this book!

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Importance of Delegation

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Getting Things Done with David Allen
Learn Some of the specific details of David’s Getting Things Done system for reducing procrastination and calming your psyche down.Listen here for the full episode

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Slack : Be Less Busy
Slack brings all your communication
together in one place. It’s real-time messaging,
archiving and search for modern teams.

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