Christian Book Review – Success, Achievement, Motivation

So how do we create a perfect lifestyle? This book, Creating a Perfect Lifestyle by Oli Hille, is a treasure of information to help us get motivated and appreciate living. It talks about goals, what to do, career, employment, business, and so much more that we won’t be able to hear from the usual advices from friends. This will help people widen perspective, yet remain focused on achieving goals.

Sometimes, a perfect lifestyle is relative – what is perfect for you might not be perfect for others, right? Hence, each one of us has his or her own view of the world and how to make it. Hence, in this book, the author can help people how to define the perfect lifestyle against our own current practice.

The world is full of choices. We are absolutely free because we choose. If you think you have to make new changes about your life and you wish to become more effective with other people and work, change and create your lifestyle  first to start building an improved character.

Read the book today and discover how it will change your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Realist Andy Core

Life is supposedly lived. We breathe, eat, and function as a human person because we ought to have a life worth living. There are so many things that we can do 24 hours a day. However, we usually spend most of it in doing things we should not do if we want to live a happy and meaningful lives. You know, life is so short that we should live everyday like it is our last day. Hence, in order to get the full of it, we cannot trade time for space. We have to set time for work and family.

As Andy core suggests, from 9 am to 11 am are the most productive hours of our day. Hence, we got to make sure we are active and working around that time so we can be at our best and do more of our time. We need to wake up early and regain our focus towards achievement and success. We use that span of time for work together with positivity. Otherwise, we would not accomplish anything great.

When we return from work…from becoming a productive person in the office, we go back to the very people where we get our source of inspiration. Our family is the reason why we work hard and become productive at work. They are the very reason why we wake up and work hard from 9 am to 11 am. From 6 pm to 8pm, is indeed the most crucial part in our life because it is around that time when we are able to connect to the people we love.

Achieve success now!

3 Small Business Success – SBA Lending Increases

Jobs are easy to find, but it can be very hard to land on a career that will carry you through your goals in life. After the tragic crisis that hit the world in the previous years, a lot of people become very desperate to find a good source of income for a living. Some get frustrated, but there are those who are willing to take the extra mile and believed in success.

With hard work, self-confidence, and a bit of luck, these three women in this video showed the world that there are ways to get through the current situation of the economy. They build their own enterprise and succeed. Business is a great choice, not because it is lucrative, but because it is always an opportunity for people.

Money is indeed necessary when you plan on building a business, but you got to have a great concept, idea, niche, or product line that you think would sell. You got to try your products, experiment on them, learn the ways, and create something people would love have or buy. Money is not a big obstacle in building a business. On the contrary, it is the key to make your business prosper.

How to Stay Motivated in a Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

There are so many things that we can do with our life. The most crucial part is finding time with family and loved ones. It is with them that you can find motivation to change things a bit or move on with whatever objectives you have in mind. Also, it is very important to challenge ourselves with goals to achieve. Otherwise, we would not find any meaning with our lives.

So, if you want to stay healthy, keep your eyes on that goal and maintain your focus. Think of things that you do in order to achieve that goal. You can opt to explore many ways like Lisa in this video suggests. To make the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge more encouraging and motivational, you can actually travel while being at it. Exploration and travelling with a healthy lifestyle challenge in mind can be more exciting when doing it with your friends, love ones, and other people who share the same interest. Companions are always great motivational tool to keep you moving on. They are always a great source of support and inspiration because it makes you feel that you are not alone in your quest. So have a great trip!

Bob Urichuck on How to Understand Success and Motivation

In this video, Bob Urichuck, an international professional speaker, trainer, and author, talks about how to understand success and motivation. He is the author of the books Discipline for Life, Up Your Bottom Line, and contributing author to Sales Guru Speak Out. He has also been ranked top 7 in the world’s top 30 sales gurus.

He asks you: “Do you know what the true definition of success is?” He adds, “Do you understand motivation, and the difference between temporary and lasting motivation?”

Over the next few minutes, he shares to you the definition of success and motivation with you and tries to help you understand why most of society is going down the wrong track. He wants you to be successful and motivated for life.

He defines success as the progressive realization of a worthy goal. Based on that definition, he says that you have been successful because somewhere along the line, you had a goal, you worked towards that goal, and you accomplished it.

The hey, therefore, is to be consistent with this principle throughout the rest of your life so you’d be more successful.

Marketing Success & Motivation Promo for Video Marketing

Like any other endeavor in life, the act of marketing requires a certain degree of motivation if you want to succeed in it. The art of motivating oneself isn’t exactly easy, but it’s not too complicated either.

All it takes is to have a frame of mind that focuses on the goal – a mindset that sets its sights on success rather than failure. When you change the way you think, you will unconsciously start doing actions that will lead you to the accomplishment of the goal you have in mind.

The same principle applies to marketing, as you need to have a clear vision in mind before you can get to work. Once you have a vision, then you can work on gathering the information necessary to succeed. Of course, you will have to take risks, but a positive disposition will help you move forward despite setbacks until you finally hit your objectives.

Bold! Motivational and Inspirational Speech for Entrepreneurs and All Who Want to Succeed

This video features a successful entrepreneur, adventurer, and four-time world record holder, Greg Kolodziejzyk.

He says it takes a truly inspired idea to create your own success – the perspiration stuff happens on its own if you have a vision of success. He talks about one of his after-dark experiences, wherein he stepped out the cold and freezing deck of a ferry he was on. He looked down at the dark, turbulent ocean below him and saw how it was a nightmare down there and he though: “What the hell am I doing here? Do I really want to cross an entire ocean in a boat the size of a phone booth?”

His goal was to head directly west, as far out into the open Pacific as he could go before turning around and heading back in. After the first hour, he was into five-foot seas, but he bravely fought on.

Using guts, determination, and a vision, Greg accomplished his goal and succeeded. You too, can do it – just believe in yourself and set your goals right.

Secrets of Success and Motivation Using Binaural Beats & Subliminal Audios

This video is a recording of subliminal audio and binaural beats that can bring clarity to the mind – a characteristic that will help you succeed.

Now the term subliminal is your capacity to take in what you hear even if you don’t consciously do so. When you are awake, you are very well aware of your surroundings, and you may have set perception of what’s going on around you. Of course, you might be led to believe that that’s the only the extent of your perception, when in fact your brain takes heed of the background noises and other factors that you don’t consciously choose to notice.

So, say, you are strolling along the street, noticing cars and people moving about. While doing so, you’re aware only of the city sounds as well as your own thoughts. But somewhere in the background, someone says, “I’m going to take things easy”. You’re not even consciously aware of this, but your mind reacts by telling your body to take your pace down a notch.

That’s the power of subliminal audio, and you can use it to your advantage to usher in motivation and success.


Take More Action Right Now!

The video shares what Katie she feels is the biggest secret to motivating oneself. It’s to take more action. A lot of entrepreneurs, regardless of what industry they’re in, no matter what they dreams and goals are, if they do not take action towards what they want to achieve, it will never happen.

Things don’t just fall into our laps, we all know this. But unfortunately, about 98 percent of people, no matter how much they know such principle and despite knowing how much they have to take action, will never do it.

They never take that first step. Or they’ll take a few steps and then something will stop them and then they are paralyzed and stuck. To avoid the trap, this can be done through a simple mindset shift that can be applied to your mind or to your business. It involves a shift in your association. After all, it’s human nature to be driven by two forces: fear and desire. We either move away from something out of fear or move towards something out of desire.

So if you have goals and dreams and visions, you should not let your fears overcome your desires. Learn more about the secret to this by watching this video now!

Motivate Yourself with Quick Tips

Angela Jia Kim of noticed one thing that lot of people do, whether they’re women entrepreneurs or they’re working on projects that take a lot of time and don’t produce immediately results – they leave their projects and they leave before they see the success.

Angela shares a really cool technique that she learned as young child, back when she was a concert pianist and violin student, which is called the Suzuki method. The premise of the philosophy of the Suzuki method is to get a child motivated and have fun practicing everyday. What her mom used to do was give stars after, say, 20 minutes or after an hour or when she perfected her right hand or left hand techniques during practice.

Simply put, her mother gave her little rewards, which suddenly made her feel that she was working towards something fun or something that turned her efforts into a game. She wonders why adults don’t do it, especially when they can do so for themselves, as it is hard to stay always motivated.

She proposes that we practice this simple technique for better motivation. Learn more through this short video.