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Mr.Outsource Blog is all about using Automation + Outsourcing to Liberate Entrepreneurs, but more importantly its about inspiring you to start your own business, continue working on your business or become better at business.

I will do my best in sharing some of my biggest mistakes and successes so far on my journey to becoming a successfull entrepreneur. Hopefully you will find the information in this blog helpful and I hope it helps you on your journey.

At the time of writing these word I have been an entrepreneur for nearly 6 years +

As Steve jobs says in his inspirational reflection on life at Stanford University (2005)as part of his commencement speech; “It´s much easier joining the dots looking back.”

About Erlend Bakke

After graduating from Brunel University 2006 I was very happy when I got my first “propper” job as a branding strategist at Figtree in London (UK). At Figtree I was able to live out my ambition at the time, which was to work as a brand strategist with world leading brands. The joy did not last long. At the end of January 2007 I was fired. The message from my boss was;”Erlend, this is not really working out. If you want to be an egghead you should go back to university and become a professor, but to be honest with you i think you´re meant to be an entrepreneur.”At the time it was the biggest blow I had ever felt. It was as if I had been knocked out by Mike Tyson.

Many bottles of beer, a bottle of Whisky and a terrible hangover I started to come to my senses. You see i was living in a much to expencive flat (with my girlfriend at the time) and was desperate for a payslip. I didn´t really have much time to be depressed so I started to think back at what I REALLY had wanted to do from the get-go.

I was never the best at school and always used to draw non-stop in class. The first time I can recollect thinking about entrepreneurship was when i was 16. I designed a CD rack that I really wanted and thought;” somebody should really make that!” My family is full of the academic type, studious lawyers, engineers and the likes. In many respects I was never really told that you “can” choose to become an entrepreneur. It had never crossed my mind that it was possible or even allowed to choose a differnt direction in life.

By going even further back in my life I got my first job at a local cornershop when I was 14. Not because I had to, I wanted to make and have my own money and i love building things. The reason I´m telling you all this is so that you can try to think back on your life and see if there are things that you used to do that indicated that you really “fit” to be an entrepreneur. Anything from really enjoying selling lemon juice in your driveway, or charging money to rent out your toys. Of course its much easier to join the dots looking back. The-Upstart.com will try to share some of the dots I will be joining in the future.

Do something each day that brings you a couple of paces closer to your goals and they will come true.

The 3sixtyfactory Team
Early days in the basement in my parents house.

I bought my dream car!